Banks: new cryptocurrency betting offers

Cryptocurrencies are popular! According to the Adana Association, which promotes these assets, 12% of the French will hold them at the start of 2024, up 28% from last year. Specifically, in 2023, there were 6.5 million buy and sell transactions. It has to be said that Bitcoin’s surge – a peak of $73,000 was reached last March – is fueling investment appetites.

On the pro side, two players have just launched their singles offerings. N26 now offers N26 Crypto in partnership with Bitpanda on all its plans, including the free one. Through the application, it is possible to consult prices and place orders (minimum amount of 1 euro and maximum of 200 transactions in 24 hours) without the need to create a wallet. Cost: 1.5% for Bitcoin, 2.5% for other cryptocurrencies (respectively 1% and 2% for N26 Metal plan holders). Young Lille fintech Deblock combines a current account (with credit card and French Iban) and cryptocurrencies. You can pay for any transaction – your groceries, rent, etc. – with your bitcoins, Deblock converts them into euros and vice versa. To do this, you need to create a secure wallet that only you can access. Among the available services: personalization of cards with NFT, instant transfers, one-time numbers, 1% cashback from payments, etc. Prices vary depending on the packages: Standard (free), Premium (14.99 euros per month) and Native (to be the owner of Deblock NFT , from 300 to 1,000 euros). As for crypto transactions, purchase fees are 2% for the free plan and 1% for the €14.99 plan (free for the native offering); sales charges are 3%, 1.5% and 0.5%. There are currently only five cryptocurrencies available.

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