Binance Coin (BNB) Ready to Shift Up a Gear?

Exchange Tokens Pending Bitcoin – For several days now, the price of Bitcoin has been hovering between support at $67,000 and resistance at $69,500. The cryptocurrency king cannot cross the psychological round number of $70,000. While buyers and sellers neutralize each other on BTC, altcoins do not use this to gain attention. For example, Ethereum remains stuck below $4,000, despite the recent approval of spot ETFs. Can we hope for a new wave of growth in the exchange token sector? Binance Coin (BNB) seems ready to shift into high gear. We record stock market tokens thanks to the clues left by the charts!

Binance Coin (BNB) is again hitting resistance at $640

After experiencing bullish volatility In response to breaking the bearish trend lineBNB was made reject level resistance at $640. Particulary speaking about the last resistance before he can reach a new all-time high. However, this resistance is important because it has pushed the price back since March. The course consisted of a contraction between institutional bias (EMA 9/EMA 18) bullishand resistance at $640. Currently, the price is trying to rise again:

Binance Coin (BNB) is once again breaking through resistance at $640.
Binance Coin (BNB) price against the dollar (3D)

For authorization breaking the resistance at $640it would be necessary to have a fence higher than last high around $645. In this case, the price could reach a new all-time high. BNB seems ready to launch and a new wave of growth against the dollar, but if 640 dollars block course, return to institutional bias to $590 then it will be considered. When bearish volatility more importantly, there is support around 480 dollars.

RSI is bullishsince the end of 2023, it has been drawing ascending troughs and peaks. buyers have their hands on the momentumbut a new high in 2024 could lead to ca divergence in RSI.

Binance Coin is bullish on Bitcoin

Binance BNB is not just that strong against the dollar. he is too strong against the crypto king. Few altcoins will reach beat the king of cryptocurrencies. Since the breakup bearish trend linethe BNB/BTC pair will appear and bullish momentum with rising troughs and peaks:

Binance Coin is bullish on Bitcoin. Binance Coin is bullish on Bitcoin.
Binance Coin Price vs Bitcoin (3D)

As long as the dynamics are buyers are in control of the BNB/BTC pair. It will be necessary to keep the momentum going close behind the last highthus, breakout resistance at 0.0093 BTC. In the event that this scenario occurs, the price could take effect bullish volatility which could bring the price back further resistance to 0.0118 BTC.

RSI shows ascending lows and highs buyers have a momentum advantage. To continue this dynamic, it will be necessary to close for last peak at 71.

Resistance at $270 to be exceeded at Coinbase price

Coinbase COIN is installed in solid dynamics from the beginning of 2023. Troughs and peaks rise, but operators took profits at resistance at $270. Following this, the buyers present at the level responded support for $210 and on the level 9 and 18 moving averages trending up :

For the bullish momentum to continue, Coinbase price needs to break away from the resistance at $270. For the bullish momentum to continue, Coinbase price needs to break away from the resistance at $270.
Coinbase price against the dollar (3D)

The goal of buyers is maintain support at $210az breakout resistance at $270. For this it will be necessary to fence the last high of the year at $283.5. Break in resistance at $270 could return the prize next resistance at $340. When rejection for $270buyers will then have to again defend $210 to avoid slipping under 200 dollars.

RSI is brittle if located under bearish trend line. To know about bullish volatility we should get rid of the trend line on this asset.

A buying reaction is expected at OKB

OKB is one of them rare altcoins that have been showing upward momentum for several monthsand even several years. It shows a three-day chart of OKB rising troughs and peaks. In the long run, it’s these buyers who have control over price. However, if we look at the short term, sellers took over. The price actually consists of falling troughs and peaks from top found in March :

OKB price needs to respond to the $47 support level. OKB price needs to respond to the $47 support level.
OKB price against the dollar (3D)

To prevent a refusal level bearish institutional biasand fall towards another support at $41there will have to be a buying response to support for $47. It will then be necessary to achieve closure across the border last high at $52.6 so that I can find adynamic with rising troughs and peaks. In this case, the price could return to the level resistance at $63.

RSI continuesmove downwards from March bearish trend line. For the moment, sellers benefit from momentum.

Buyers need to push to break the resistance at $10.5 on KCS

Unlike OKB, Kucoin KCS is not displayed not clearly bullish momentum for many months. The upward momentum has even been questioned since breaking the recent low around $9. Buyers responded to support for $8.5and the price stagnates at the level resistance at $10.5 for a few days:

KCS stabilizes below resistance at $10.5. KCS stabilizes below resistance at $10.5.
KCS price against the dollar (3D)

If resistance and bearish institutional bias refuse a course, back to $8.5 is possible. On the other hand, a break in resistance at $10.5 could return the price back to another resistance at $14.5. To find a clear bullish momentumwill need to be developed outside last high at $16. After verifying a bearish divergenceRSI continues to be relative brittle.

While Bitcoin still fails to get back above $70,000, Binance BNB is once again trying to break the $640 resistance. If the resistance break becomes clearer, BNB could experience bullish volatility and reach a new all-time high. At the moment, BTC is the only cryptocurrency among the majors that has been able to get back beyond the ATH 2021. In fact, Ethereum hasn’t even gotten there yet, as the price remains below $4,000.

Coinbase COIN maintains support at $210 and is now aiming to break the resistance at $270. For OKB, it will be necessary to react at the $47 support level and close above $52.6. As for KCS, it remains at the resistance level at $10.5. A break of this resistance could send the price towards the final highs of the year.

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