creating value… a person or the art of being an inclusive entrepreneur

At a time when the concept of inclusion remains essential in our society, it is essential that companies realize the social impact they can have on the population. Deliver the right messages, carry strong values, inspire, positively influence the entire ecosystem. As a sports coach and entrepreneur for more than ten years, inclusivity is at the core of my professional approach. In my opinion, it emphasizes acceptance of differences and aims to create an environment where everyone feels valued and able to give their best. This vision asserts itself as a daily common thread in my life as an entrepreneur: to see for profit. Create financial value, of course, but above all human value.

Inclusivity and entrepreneurship: the example of the sports sector

Coaching – here sports – is a people-powered industry. I found it to be very representative of the notion of inclusivity. During coaching sessions, every individual, regardless of age, gender, background or ability, should feel accepted and supported. I firmly believe that sport is a fantastic vector of social cohesion and personal development. By embedding principles of inclusivity into the deepest threads of business, it’s about creating a space where everyone can move forward at their own pace, without judgment or discrimination.

Human values ​​revealed through an inclusive approach

A coach cannot succeed in his approach, in contact with people, without making them his pillar, his driving force. The concept of inclusivity is rewarding in many ways and you must be able to incorporate it into your strategy from the very beginning of reflection around the creation of the company. The entrepreneur, in addition to creating a profitable and sustainable business, adopts an inclusive approach, humanly and personally rewarding, but equally challenging.
Because an inclusive approach reveals the following values:

  • Respect as a pillar, but also the right to the dignity of every person regardless of their individual characteristics.
  • Equal opportunities to flourish and succeed, to take on challenges for everyone supported.
  • Empathy, active listening, understanding and responding to the diverse needs of those being coached.
  • The power of cooperation that fosters a spirit of mutual help among participants.

Of course, these values ​​are not limited to sports coaching, but apply to all aspects of professional and personal life.

By applying these principles personally and daily, I have learned that inclusivity enriches everyone’s experience more than I could ever imagine. Participants feel more motivated and invested when their specific needs are recognized and respected. This approach has also allowed me to better understand the unique challenges that different individuals face and strengthened my ability to tailor my coaching methods to best serve each person.

Entrepreneurs: 5 tips to adopt a healthy and self-evident inclusive approach

Entrepreneurs, is your desire to deliver an inclusive message maturing? Do you want to contribute to positive and inspiring social impact at your scale? How to do it ?

  • Obviously, it’s not about finding by all means a way to focus your strategy on inclusion so you can tick a box. You have to question yourself, question the reasons that made you start, go back to the very essence of your project, remember the moments of sharing, the small victories where people were the clear answer to everything.
  • Focus on your customers, employees, partners and take a step back from your performance. Make sure that every exchange, every meeting, every decision, but also the work environment is fulfilling and inspiring.
  • Appreciate the diversity of your approach at all levels. Try to develop your critical sense so that you can deploy your vision, see wider, further, think about different configurations.
  • Listen to feedback from your employees and customers: don’t be stubborn about your idea because you think it’s the best. Take the time to listen, understand feedback, comments, opinions, positive and especially negative, from your ecosystem to improve the existing one, find solutions, refine your offer, your approach. People are a very powerful vector of progress.
  • Engage yourself and your team in initiatives that promote well-being, solidarity and commitment to noble causes to set the direction for your entire company.

Inclusivity is not just a fashion thing; it is a deep commitment to the development of each individual, be it your employees, customers, but also you as a person at the head of the company. By adopting this approach, you will not only improve your professional practices, but also contribute to building a fairer and more united society.

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