Dissolution: these housing reforms suspended

The Association for Consumer Protection was relieved after Sunday’s announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly by the head of state. The newly created collective “Long live HLM!” », which brings together fifteen associations such as CLCV (Consumption, Housing and the Environment), the Confederation of Families and even the Right to Housing, called a demonstration in front of the Senate on Tuesday, June 18, to protest against the review of the bill. concerning the development of affordable housing, the so-called Kasbar law 2 (named after the current Minister of Housing).

The collective assessed the text ” dangerous for all tenants and especially the most precarious ones “. The dissolution of the Assembly, which entails the suspension of all legislative texts that are subject to examination, even in the Senate, is therefore a godsend for the opponents. In addition to this HLM reform, other texts related to real estate are thus suspended.

Criticized HLM suspension law

Kasbarian Act 2 was aimed at ” make housing more affordable for French people, whether to rent or own, by giving elected officials and landlords new tools “. It provided for the release of the SRU (Solidarity and Urban Renewal) quota, thus allowing municipalities that did not reach their quota of 20 to 25% of social housing to catch up by producing so-called “transitional” housing intended for the middle classes. The text was also supposed to grant mayors the authority to the allocation of new social housing (and the ability to oppose the selection of a candidate) or even allow social landlords to increase the rent between two tenants.

The collective described as “ social housing », the text is therefore shelved sine die. However, the “Vive les HLM” collective declared that it would remain ” in vigilance » and if necessary mobilizes » that this text, which promised us a brutal worsening of the housing crisis, be definitively and completely withdrawn “.

Furnished: no tax credits (yet).

Another text is now pending: the one that was supposed to reduce the tax advantage for furnished rentals in the fight against Airbnb. So this is good news for concerned landlords! The cross-party bill aimed at “strengthening regulatory tools for furnished tourist accommodation at the local level” reduces the tax cut from 50% to 30% for unclassified furnished tourist accommodation and significantly lowers the annual revenue cap. Voted up in the Senate in late May, it remains blocked at the Joint Committee level.

The real estate market will wait

Other texts, more or less promising for (future) owners or expected to revive the real estate market, are today sometimes shelved after an initial toss-up between deputies and senators:

– proposed law (PPL) aimed at facilitating the conversion of vacant offices into housing. It was presented by the democratic camp (Modem and independents), it had the support of Minister Guillaume Kasbarian, a supporter of all solutions aimed at ” housing shock » promised the prime minister in his general political speech last January.

– A PPL aimed at generalizing the portability clause to all real estate loan contracts, proposed by the Renaissance group, remains at the stage of the National Assembly’s Economic Committee. Long requested by some brokers and real estate professionals, it would allow those buying a new principal residence to transfer the terms of their first loan to this latest acquisition, and especially the loan rate! A very advantageous system, apparently badly received by the banks…

– finally, the PPL of environmentalist Sandrine Rousseau, which was supposed to facilitate the compensation of owners of cracked houses after the phenomenon of shrinkage-swelling of clays (RGA), as a result of repeated episodes of drought, stops at the second reading stage in the assembly (after being accepted in the first reading and rejected by the Senate).

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