Fintech: Colbr launches unlisted offering

Individuals never have access to the same financial proposition as professionals, be it quality, customer experience or price! Based on this observation, two young financiers (formerly Corum), Romain Joudelat and Gustav Sondén, try to break the codes of savings with Colbre.

Launched in 2021, this private neo-bank is aimed more at young savers, CSP+, fans of a 100% digital offer. This platform, which allows you to aggregate your accounts, aims to offer an asset allocation tailored to each profile. It also offers its members a complete property audit. If it started mainly with real estate or a traditional financial offer, it has just expanded its investment solutions to include private equity.

10,000 to 100,000 euros per ticket

Its promise: to make unlisted dedicated funds available to institutional investors through partnerships. Colbr already refers funds from specialist players such as Ardian, Peqan, Rothschild Five Arrows and Committed Advisors. But in reality, you will often need 100,000 euros to get to him. There is currently only one Peqan product available starting at €10,000. “For this unlisted offering, we aim for a 15% performance per year for ten years, where our mission is to select the best products for our clients,” explains Gustav Sondén, co-founder of Colbr. An ambitious financial goal given the current situation!

Young actor

On the price side: without wanting to cut prices completely, fintech is betting on “affordable luxury”. ” Our financial markets managed life insurance offering includes a flat fee of 1.75%. “, explains Gustav Sondén. You will need to expect an average of 1% management fees for unlisted properties and 5% entry fees for properties. If a full view of the heritage is the benefit, Colbr’s offering, especially unlisted, lacks originality (you often find the same on other platforms). And above all, this fintech must still prove itself!

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