Forecasts: our guide to the best listed company profiles for 2024-2025

Starting this week, we’re incorporating our 2025 predictions into our articles. With that in mind, we’ve selected the values ​​that stand out the most based on three criteria.

This first week of June is traditionally Invest, that “shift”, the moment when we change the reference years in the articles we publish. The results for 2023 are now known, even for small companies whose disclosure will be later, and most of the dividends have been distributed. So it’s time to look further ahead and incorporate 2025 forecasts into our calculations in addition to the data expected for 2024, which we’ve already been presenting for a year. Likewise, the dividends that we consider in our articles are now those that relate to the current financial year and that will be distributed in the next year.

If 2023 was a great year for the stock market (the Cac 40 rose 16.5%), the index’s earnings per share (EPS) fell 9.4%, according to data compiled by FactSet. The explanation for this apparent paradox has a name: TotalEnergies. Last year its EPS – although still very high – fell by 33%, after an exceptional and atypical year 2022 due to a sharp increase in hydrocarbon prices after the outbreak of war in Ukraine!


In 2024, the expected erosion of oil company profits will again weigh on the profit growth of the entire Cac 40, without questioning the favorable trend. With an expected increase of 5.8% this year and 9.6% in 2024, the market would return to the pace of around 7% per year seen in 2013-2018. These estimates appear to be quite conservative. If we take a closer look at the opposite infographic, we can see that the analysts slightly lowered their outlook, but kept more or less the same growth rate. This means that they took note of the downward adjustments that could be observed during the annual publications, but that they did not question the future dynamics.

Looking at much stronger growth expected in the United States, especially on the Nasdaq, puts things into perspective. But it’s not just today that we’re finding global tech stocks sorely missing from the French stock market.

This does not prevent us from finding among the large French companies (we focused on the SBF 120) groups that should stand out for their strong and regular profit growth in 2024 and 2025, their renewal potential or their return to a generous shareholder.

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