Here are the 10 biggest crypto airdrops of 2020

Airdrops, or free token distributions, are a good way to get started with cryptocurrencies without directly investing funds.

$21 billion in “free money”. Crypto airdrops are hot right now, and project creators are willing to do anything to get their currency accepted, including offering tens of thousands of tokens for amounts equivalent to several billion dollars at the end.

Crypto airdrop (see our “Understand Everything” on this topic here) is a strategy used by certain companies working on a crypto project. cryptocurrency which consists in distribution”tokens” or tokens (usually free) to specific wallet addresses. These airdrops aim to promote mainstream adoption of new blockchain projects by multiplying the number of holders.

According to data from Coingecko, the distribution of Uniswap (UNI) tokens is the largest cryptocurrency drop in recent industry history to date. The creators distributed the equivalent of $6.43 billion when the token surpassed its record price of $42.88 on September 16, 2020. The value of distributed tokens evolves in real time with the price of the respective cryptocurrencies. Therefore, Coingecko here takes the approach of calculating the maximum value of distributed tokens (when the price of the respective token reached its record in 2020 to 2023).

In 2024, $4 billion has already been distributed

After Uniswap, Apecoin creators distributed $3.54 billion, dYdX creators $2 billion, and Arbitrum creators $1.96 billion (each time each token surpassed its record price). The Ethereum Name Service, Internet Computer, and Bonk airdrops distributed the equivalent of $1.87 billion, $1.73 billion, and $1.32 billion, respectively.

Project Celestia donated the equivalent of $728 million in cryptocurrency, LooksRare $712 million, and 1inch Network’s first airdrop $671 million. In total, the creators of the 10 largest crypto projects distributed via airdrop gave away more than $21 billion to their users for free.

According to The Block, cryptocurrency airdrops will continue in 2024, and the creators of the project have given away the equivalent of around $4 billion for free since the beginning of the year.

To find out when a cryptocurrency will be distributed for free, some sites list future distributions, such as Coinmarketcap. Some Discord, Telegram, and X pages also list them, as do some project newsletters. These airdrops are a good way to get started with cryptocurrencies without always having to invest funds directly.

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