Hoteliers sue Airbnb for ‘distortion of competition’

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26 Umih-backed French hotels have taken the Airbnb platform to court to denounce “distortion of competition” and demand “individual compensation”. The short-term rental giant says it has not received this complaint.

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– 26 French hoteliers challenge Airbnb and demand individual reparations.

The backlash against Airbnb is growing. 26 hoteliers from across France took the American short-term rental giant to court. With the support of the Union of Hospitality and Industry (Umih), they condemn a “distortion of competition” and demand “individual corrections”reports the newspaper Ouest-France. “Platform does not comply with regulations which applies to him. This action is intended to condemn distortion of economic competition hoteliers suffered. With the support of Umih, this approach is supported by 26 hotels across France that require individual repairs.Umih said in a press release on Thursday, June 13.

Airbnb, for its part, assured that it had not received the relevant complaint, telling our colleagues “very surprised to learn of the filing of this complaint by the press”. “If this complaint is indeed confirmed, it would represent a new attempt by this hotel lobby limit the right of families to rent their homesunder the guise of baseless accusations of “unfair competition“»says the company.

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Airbnb is considering all legal options

Additionally, Airbnb reminds us of this “families have the right in France to rent accommodation and welcome travelers to the territory”. “As a platform, Airbnb respects the rules that apply to it and provides support to cities enforce local regulations save”supports the platform it assumes “all legal options to protect these rights”.

While the law against Airbnb “aiming at correct the imbalance in the rental housing market», passed in the Senate on May 21, was supposed to be promulgated by the summer, the political context changed the situation and the dissolution of the National Assembly stopped all bills. The text set out a number of measures aimed at balancing the proportion of furnished tourist accommodation and traditional accommodation in regions where the rental housing market is particularly tight. The idea was to encourage owners to offer their properties on the long-term rental market rather than renting them out on Airbnb.

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