How to Earn Free Bitcoins (BTC) in 2024?

Want to earn free Bitcoins (BTC)? You are in the right place. Here are 3 ways to earn BTC playing video games or just browsing the internet. Don’t wait for anything and find out how to get free bitcoins right away.

Top 3 ways to get free BTC

Do you want to get free bitcoins and not invest in BTC? Before we reveal the best ways to do this, you should know that the amounts that can be obtained are relatively low (on the order of a few cents).

So if you really want to get exposure to Bitcoin and invest in this cryptocurrency, it will be better to buy it through a reliable and safe platform like eToro.

Buy cryptocurrencies on eToro

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Now it is still possible to accumulate satoshi (or sats), the smallest unit of BTC (1 sat is equivalent to 0.00000001 bitcoin).

This can be done by playing video games, participating in tournaments and even just browsing the internet. Here are the best ways to get free BTC :

Bitcoin Bounce, a game to earn bitcoins

Bitcoin Bounce is a mobile game created in 2019 by THNDR Games available for iOS and Android. The principle is very simple: you embody the bitcoin logo and the goal is to get as far as possible by jumping from block to block without falling.

Throughout the game, you will find several power-ups to help you propel yourself, such as a lightning bolt that improves your speed.

Figure 1: Bitcoin Bounce Gameplay Overview

During your session you will be able to find a ticket that will allow you to participate in the lottery which takes place every day. This randomly rewards players with one or more Bitcoin tickets. The more tickets you have, the higher your chance of getting free bitcoins.

Playing regularly and playing well gives you a better chance of getting tickets and thus a better chance of satoshi.

Daily, between 100 and 5,000 sats are distributed to lottery winnersknowing that 5,000 sats is equivalent to approximately 3 Euros at the current Bitcoin price (June 18, 2024).

Get free BTC with other THNDR Games

Bitcoin Bounce is the most popular game from developer studio THNDR Games. But other applications from the studio for earning Bitcoins are also available on Android and iOS.

Depending on your video game preferences there are other ways to play while collecting free BTC. The sats distribution model for these games is similar to the bitcoin bounce model.

Here are other games from THNDR Games where it is possible to collect free BTC:

  • Tetro tiles : A puzzle game where you solve puzzles;
  • Bitcoin Solitaire Club : The classic Klondike Solitaire game;
  • Turbo 84 : Racing game in arcade format;
  • Bitcoin snake : Revised version of the famous Snake game;
  • Bitcoin Bay : “Bubble Shooter” with Bitcoin Sauce.

💡 Visit the THNDR Games website to see all their bitcoin games

Earn Bitcoins with ZEBEDEE

What if we told you that it is possible to collect free bitcoins by playing a very popular game like Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) on PC? This is entirely possible thanks to ZEBEDEE.

A CSGO server hosted by ZEBEDEE that allows you to earn bitcoins

Figure 2: A CS:GO server hosted by ZEBEDEE that allows you to earn bitcoins

With ZEBEDEE you can join CS:GO servers specially created to earn players bitcoins. Of course, winning and performing well in the game are necessary to hopefully release bitcoins.

There are two other games available with ZEBEDEE that allow you to earn bitcoins:

  • ZEBEDEE Card, a multiplayer racing game available on PC. You can create games there by setting the entry fee in satoshi and the winners of the race share bitcoins;
  • Sara Tobia mobile game available for Android and iOS, the goal of which is to fly as far as possible and collect bananas and coins with real value in bitcoins (sats).

More games that allow you to earn bitcoins are in development at ZEBEDEE and will see the light of day in the coming months and years.

Buy cryptocurrencies on eToro

Investing in cryptocurrencies is offered by eToro (Europe) Ltd as a PSAN registered with the AMF. Investing in crypto assets is very volatile. There is no consumer protection. Investing is risky (more information)

CryptoTab, recover free bitcoins while browsing the internet

Are you tired of playing games? he is too with CryptoTab you can earn bitcoins without doing anythingbrowser that allows you to do this mine bitcoins while the browser is open. CryptoTab also offers a Google Chrome extension if you don’t want to use a dedicated browser.

More specifically, CryptoTab will mine Monero (XMR) which will be automatically converted to Bitcoins, since mining Bitcoins simply using an extension or browser is not possible, unlike Monero mining.

Note that the more powerful the processor (CPU) of your PC, the more XMR you will receive over time and therefore your Bitcoin rewards.

However, be careful from then on mining with CryptoTab has implications that should not be overlooked :

  • Your computer will be slower because your CPU is focused on mining;
  • Your computer will heat up faster;
  • Your PC’s battery will drain much faster if you are not connected to the network, and the electricity you use will also increase and so will your electricity bill.

👉 You can find the complete guide on CryptoTab

Conclusion on different ways to get free bitcoins

Ways to earn free bitcoins have evolved a lot over time. While it was initially possible to win by participating in faucets, Today, you can earn them by playing video games or just surfing the internet as we have seen.

Note that to withdraw the bitcoins thus obtained a digital wallet is required like Bitcoin Core or Electrum. There are also more secure physical wallets, such as those offered by Ledger.

Ledger: the best solution to protect your cryptocurrencies

Also keep in mind that the amount of free bitcoins that can be earned by these means is relatively small. Only with time will you finally manage to pocket an interesting amount of satoshis, i.e. bitcoins.

Finally, there are many other methods to earn free cryptocurrencies other than bitcoinand the amounts recoverable are higher. For example, Sorare is a Play to Earn football game where Ethereum (ETH) can be won.

💡 Here is also our guide to earn free cryptocurrency

Resources – Figure 1: Play Store; Figure 2: ZEBEDEE site

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