“Investing in wine groups has allowed me to combine pleasure and diversification of my assets”

“I first heard about wine groups at a professional conference in the Dijon region. At the time, I had just inherited and was looking for an apartment to buy. But the idea of ​​investing in vines appealed to me because I love wine.

I manage my property myself. Investing in a vineyard allowed me to combine pleasure and diversification of my investments. After several contacts with Mr. Manière, the founder of the Saint Vincent company specializing in wine investments, I invested in two groups of wine regions in Champagne in two different regions, one in the Aube and the other in the Marne. One of the important criteria in my eyes is the number of bottles allocated. I chose these two GFVs because the amount invested allows me to get an attractive reward in bottles.

Every year I collect 35 bottles of champagne that I like to serve when I receive guests or to offer to friends who receive me. Finally, I have two children and I like the idea of ​​leaving something to them with attractive tax terms. »

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