Is it Joe Biden’s turn? Democratic Candidate to Participate in ‘Crypto Roundtable’ Soon

Cryptocurrencies are now a topic of the presidential campaign in the United States. Faced with Donald Trump, who wants to be the “crypto president”, Joe Biden is getting interested in the topic. According to the report, he will soon hold a round table discussion with industry experts.

Joe Biden forced to focus on the cryptocurrency sector?

In the United States, to say that the democratic government has been hostile to cryptocurrencies is an understatement. Indeed, the ecosystem has been abused for years from a regulatory perspectivewith, in particular, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). But the tide seems to be turning.

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Rumors already claim that it was Joe Biden who pushed the SEC to approve spot ETH ETFs. And now it looks like the candidate is looking at the cryptocurrency case in general. According to our colleagues at Bitcoin Magazine, a round table meeting between Ro Khanna’s representative and renowned investor Mark Cuban will indeed take place soon.

The goal? “Preserving Blockchain and Bitcoin Innovation in the United States. » An ambitious program that is the extreme opposite of the trend of recent years. Many crypto companies have actually left the territory due to the lack of regulation. And numerous legal battles with the SEC have fueled more.

In other words, like Donald Trump before him, Joe Biden seems to be doing something about blockchain and Web 3.

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Blockchain Discussion Roundtable

As part of this round table, we will find senior officials from the Biden administration, members of the House of Representatives and also the Senate. According to Ro Khanna, who initiated the announcement, this is a key moment:

This is the most significant meeting yet between policymakers and leaders in blockchain innovation. »

This is of course a response to Donald Trump first announcing his own “Crypto Roundtable”. He mainly dealt with the topic of cryptocurrency mining. The change in course is significant for Joe Biden, who until now has not shown interest in the existence of cryptocurrencies.

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This, accompanied by an explosion of memecoins associated with US politicians, has the effect of: to put cryptocurrencies at the center of the US presidential campaignE. This is a first for the ecosystem and could herald a clearer regulatory framework for companies in the industry.

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Source: Bitcoin Magazine

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