Jean-Christophe Laurent (Urbat): “Modular housing and cubic meters as a response to the real estate crisis” – MySweetimmo

Jean-Christophe Laurent is the guest in this new episode of Mon Podcast Immo. President Urbat highlights the opportunity to be supported by Vinci Immobilier and presents his modular housing concept launched in Pau in response to the crisis.

Real estate crisis, unprecedented impact

Created in 1975 in Montpellier, Urbat is primarily aimed at new customers. “Our position in this market exposes us more. The increase in rates has significantly reduced the purchasing power of our customers. For example, a monthly payment of 1,200 euros made it possible to buy a house for 300,000 euros three years ago. Today it is 210,000 euros.”notes Jean-Christophe Laurent.

Beam column and cubic meters to optimize space

To meet these challenges, Urbat innovates modular housing that optimizes both the square meter and the cubic meter. “Thanks to the ‘post-beam’ process, we remove load-bearing walls, which allows spaces to be rebuilt according to the needs of families. ».

This flexible approach offers several plans at the time of purchase and allows accommodation to be adapted over time depending on the evolution of the family.

The high cost per square meter requires us to rethink the use of space: “We use the height of the accommodation to create storage space at height, creating balconies with lockers and storage space on each landing. »

“Space is expensive. Optimizing occupancy options is essential for our buyers, concludes Jean-Christophe Laurent. We also need to be more careful when buying land and reduce prices without selling at a loss. »

To learn more about the dynamics of the current real estate market, listen to this episode of Mon Podcast Immo, available on MySweetImmo and all platforms.

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