Legislative elections 2024: what are the effects of the political situation on real estate?

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France is currently experiencing a major political situation where uncertainty reigns. Enough to make the real estate market very cautious, even paralyzed. Possible political upheaval slows down potential projects, which often take place over a long period of time.

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– The real estate sector is particularly affected because it relies heavily on trust.

Instability political, connected especially with the dissolution of the National Assembly and the organization of early parliamentary elections, probably will not Make sure real estate market. In any case, that’s what the Esprit Pratique show seems to be analyzing France Inter. On Friday, June 14, she became interested in this topic through interviews with individuals and real estate agents. And the least we can say is that currently Attention it is appropriate.

In recent days, real estate agents have received a number of phone calls from potential buyers Stop real estate projects. If it does not apply to transactions that will be closed in the coming days, people who are considering a project to buy or sell will prefer to postpone the question while waiting. see a little more clearly to the current economic situation.

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The real estate market faces uncertainty about the future

The real estate sector is particularly affected because it relies heavily on confidenceespecially when planning for the future. When the state of the country can be drastically different between now and July 7th, that’s tough get into debt for many years without having any guarantee of what the future might look like. The financial markets were not wrong on Monday, June 10, and they showed theirs worry.

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The risks of serious failure are decline in lending rates banks, also prudent in view of the situation. Enough to deal a blow to the purchasing power of real estate, which could paralyze the market and ultimately lead to possible price drop. The column advises to wait, even for investment projects: all legal texts, including the law against Airbnb, are hanging to the council and will not be voted on. Summer, never a dynamic time in real estate, threatens to be even less so this year.

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