Legislative. The RN withdraws its support for one of its candidates after an anti-Semitic tweet

A pebble in the shoe of the national rally. The far-right party, which has been trying for several years to forget its ties to people convicted or suspected of anti-Semitism, was forced to drop one of its candidates this Wednesday.

The issue: a 2018 tweet by Joseph Martin, the RN candidate for Morbihan, considered anti-Semitic. “He no longer has the support of the National Assembly, he is suspended and will be summoned to expel him,” he said. RN with a reminder that his candidacy cannot be withdrawn.

“Gas Brought Justice to Shoah Victims”

In the message he noticed ReleaseThe candidate for the first constituency of Morbihan wrote in October 2018 that “the gas (should) have brought justice to the victims of the Shoah”. The publication was deleted on Wednesday at noon, but it still caused a wave of outrage.

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Jordan Bardella claimed in the morning that “dozens, even hundreds, of investitures were carried out” within a few hours, on the side of the road to Seine-Saint-Denis. Joseph Martin was already nominated as the RN candidate in the 2022 parliamentary election, at the time in the second constituency of Morbihan. He collected 15.35% of the votes in the first round without making it to the second round.

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