Linxea is no longer working, customers fear for their money

Life insurance, PER and other financial investments are unavailable on Linxea. 100,000 customers of the online platform are afraid of a bug or hack.

Hundreds of thousands of euros saved and they become… unaffordable! For several days, 100,000 customers using the famous online savings platform Linxea have not been able to access their accounts. Obviously they cannot manage the amounts placed on it through the Linxea site. This applies to all savings products: pension savings (PER), life insurance, SCPI, financial investments, etc. totaling €3.5 billion in assets.

Specifically, they cannot deposit money, or make transfers, or view their account, much less withdraw their money. This is a Linxea website that has been down for a long time. On various consumer association forums and on social media, customers explain that the site’s web page is constantly “taking forever to load.” After a while, a black screen appears and only the following message appears: “This page is inaccessible”.

Other customers, a little happier, say they can connect to the site but not their customer area. This makes it difficult to manage your accounts and savings products… A situation that worries many people. Especially since this impossibility of access is not limited to The mobile app has also become untraceable. It no longer appears in the Play Store for Android phone users or the Apple Store for iPhone owners.

The error on this platform surprises customers all the more because it normally enjoys an excellent reputation. Nice comments about customer service, 4.3 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot review site… So many people are wondering the reason for connection problems. On the MoneyVox forum, a netizen asks: “Unable to connect to Linxea space and the app disappeared from the Play Store, but what’s going on? while another replies “Yes indeed, maybe a hack”.

For now, access to the Linxea site appears to be restored. However, once you connect to the site’s home page, a warning message appears in a red box: “We are currently experiencing technical issues that may prevent customers from accessing subscriber tunnels and spaces. Our teams are currently working on the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can carry out your operations directly on the insurers’ websites.

So, for example, if you want to consult your life insurance contract, it is possible to access it directly through insurers such as Crédit Mutuel or Générali, and not through the Linxea platform. Contacted by JDN to find out more, Linxea did not respond to our request.

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