Mygeektalent, crowdfunding for video games and animated films

If you are a fan of video games or animated movies or both, then this site might interest you. is a crowdfunding platform for projects focused on these two areas, for creatives in the “geek” world. The company specializes in the financing, development and pre-production support of projects. After an in-depth study of the company’s proposed files as well as the skills of the contributors to these projects, Mygeektalent teams will evaluate the cost of pre-production development and the potential return on investment. It is notably supported by High Concept (writing training and multimedia consulting company), Afca (French Animation Film Association), SNJV (National Union of Video Games) and Afjv (French Video Games Agency).

The latest campaign, which is related to the video game “Yasuké”, was launched at the end of June, in the first phase, which lasts for one month. They have to finance the storytelling of the video game and the creation of the website. Developed for mobile and PC, this Hack’n’Slash (action and strategy) game takes the player, a simple hunter in Mozambique, into the heart of the 16th century. At the end of the ship voyage that takes him to Japan, he has a chance to become a samurai and lead an army. The goal is to overcome the three regions of the world, Africa, India and Japan, before facing the main enemy, Katsuyori, in a battle that is, of course, epic. The campaign has a total of six stages, up to the complete completion of the project.

Tax exemption for donations up to 60%

Contributions range from €25 to €500 or more, with rewards ranging from simple key rings or wallpapers to the chance to name a character in the game, including the award of a t-shirt, mug or collectible figure. All donations are 60% tax exempt. Other projects are in the works, such as another “Sasha” video game for mobiles or the creation of a francophone mobile gaming federation through a website.

The founder, Damien Stenne, created Mygeektalent in January 2023. He first worked in wealth management at Barclays and for Agir Finance, then in real estate. Next to this company, he created a concept store in L’Haÿ-les-Roses, in Val-de-Marne, which offers all kinds of figurines, manga, but which has the peculiarity of also being a place of meeting and learning. Workshops are regularly held in this “shop” to educate fans of these different fields about the design of projects connected to the geek world.

Our opinion: This is not an investment, so you should not expect a reward. Donations are 60% tax-free, which is interesting for game and animation fans and those who want to support young companies.

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