Professional real estate card: application, validity and renewal

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A professional real estate broker’s card is mandatory for practice. how to get it? What steps need to be taken? What is its validity period? How to request a renewal? Here’s everything prospective real estate agents need to know.

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– Application for a real estate agent professional card

What is a professional real estate card?

It allows real estate agents to practice their profession

As of July 1, 2015, real estate agents are required to obtain a professional license. Corresponds to the authorization granted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) with local jurisdiction for the performance of a certain number of real estate professionals. There are :

According to CCI data, more than 16,000 cards were acquired in 2023. On the CCI website, it is possible to check whether a real estate broker has a professional license.

T card (transaction)

Among these professional real estate cards, the abbreviation “T” corresponds to the word “transactions”. It authorizes a real estate broker to carry out normal operations in the field (intermediation in transactions with land, buildings, offices, shops, etc.).

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What are the conditions for obtaining a professional real estate card?

In order to obtain a T card, you must meet a certain number of conditions.

Level of study

A real estate agent must have a minimum of BAC + 3 diplomas in various fields such as:

  • legal studies,
  • business studies,
  • economic studies,
  • diploma obtained at the Institute of Economic and Legal Studies Applied in Construction and Housing – ICH,
  • BTS real estate profession.

Eligibility condition

Without a diploma, significant professional experience in the field of real estate may meet the eligibility requirement. The duration varies from 4 to 10 years depending on the level of managerial/non-managerial performance. In the case of persons who obtained a high school diploma, the experience requirement is reduced to three years.

Adherence to the conditions for conducting business activities

The future agent must respect the conditions necessary for the performance of business activities. For example: absence of conviction for personal bankruptcy, driving ban, etc.

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Respect for moral conditions

This applies, for example, to the absence of a final conviction for a criminal offense or a prison sentence of at least three months without delay for certain criminal offenses listed in Article 9 of Act 70-2 of January 2, 1970.).

Take advantage of the financial guarantee

A financial guarantee applicable to the activity (with presentation of a certificate) is mandatory. This is subscribed for a minimum of 30,000 euros for the first two years, then 110,000 euros.

Professional liability insurance subscription

Professional indemnity insurance covers customers and compensates them in the event of damage.

Provide K-bis or RNE extract

K-bis extract makes it possible to certify the reality of the activity. It is also possible to issue a confirmation of the application for registration

Opening an escrow account

Opening an “escrow” account with a banking facility allows you to collect any funds associated with real estate activity.

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Good to know : an employee working in a real estate office must be able to show a confirmation / proof of holding a T card in her favor.

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How to get a professional real estate card?

Submitting the Cerfa CCI form

The application for a professional license is submitted to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry locally responsible for the place of activity (CCI France). Must be filed using CERFA Form 15312*03. All sections must be filled in carefully. The Chamber thus has a file of the mentioned experts.

Supporting documents to be provided in the folder

A number of attachments are attached to the application. There are :

  • Copies of diplomas
  • Copies of payslips proving experience in real estate
  • RCP insurance certificate
  • Certificate of financial guarantee
  • Proof of company registration (K-Bis or RNE extract)

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Professional card price

The price of the card is 160 euros for the first application, 130 euros for renewal. Modification during the existence of the activity is also charged in the amount of 68 euros.

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What changes must a real estate agent report to the CCI?

A real estate broker must indicate every change that has occurred during the performance of his activity at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and that affects him:

  • Designation
  • Legal status
  • legal representative (identity)
  • The main director of the establishment
  • Address of establishment (change of establishment to main establishment/opening of secondary establishment)
  • Insurance
  • Guarantee
  • Escrow account
  • Deleting an activity mention
  • Possession/non-possession of funds.

How long is the T card valid for?

The professional T card is valid for three years. It can be renewed as many times as needed. However, you must sign up for on-the-job training obligations and submit a renewal application two months prior to the card’s expiration date.

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How to renew a professional license?

Duty of training

The real estate broker is now obliged to comply with the obligations of further education in order to have the right to renew the professional license. They must complete at least one training course (provided by an authorized organization) in the last three years totaling 42 hours.

The training must be directly related to the real estate agent’s profession and must relate to his ethics or the issues he has to face, whether legal, commercial, economic or technical (zoning, housing, construction).

Renewal request

The renewal of the professional license is carried out by the same process as when obtaining the license, with the same form CERFA 15312*03. This actually provides a “professional card renewal request” field.

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