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If projects for the purchase of real estate were significantly reduced in 2023, with a 41% drop in loans granted in one year, 10% of French people still moved in 2023, a stable score compared to previous years.

More than 10 years after their first Moving Barometer, Brittany’s movers have once again analyzed and deciphered the habits of citizens who wish to change their lives.

A better environment in the center of interest of the French

Natural disasters linked to climate change push 6% of French people to move. A new phenomenon that worries parents more (13% in 2023 vs. 2% in 2013-2022) and couples under 35 (12% in 2023 vs. 5% in 2013-2022).

In 2023, 32% of those surveyed said they would like to move for a better living environment, with an attraction to seaside cities looking for a favorable climate. Urban dwellers also tend to flee cities in search of less polluted environments in the countryside. 40% are parents (27% between 2013-2022) and 39% are couples under 35 (28% between 2013-2022).

The price of housing exerts considerable pressure on the French’s decision to move. In 2023, 9% of French people decided to move due to the economic situation, an increase compared to the 4% recorded between 2013 and 2022.

The French still clung to their regions of origin

Popular destinations are topped by the unbeatable Ile-de-France (16%), Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Grand-Est, which received 12% of the vote. However, some regions are seeing a drop in attractiveness, such as Occitanie and Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, which saw a drop of 6 points compared to 2023. Please note that Brittany is the region chosen by couples under 35 who plan to move in 2024 (14%) and parents (11%).

Barriers to moving costs persist

We observe several patterns when it comes to moving costs. Work is experiencing a noticeable decline, accounting for only 21% of spending in 2023, compared to the previous share of 33% between 2013 and 2022. For retirees, the first item of spending is moving itself (40%), while for couples, negotiation represents 29% of costs.

Parents and rural residents, on the other hand, give more priority to work, which accounts for 42% of their expenses. Property costs remain the main obstacle to moving for 32% of the French, with a stronger impact on couples (39%) and parents (36%).

An industry that resists the crisis

Despite the challenges posed by the housing crisis, the removals sector remains active. A third of people who moved in 2023 were supported in their process. The main criteria when choosing a moving company are mainly the quality of services and price.

Additionally, 39% of people planning to move in 2024 intend to hire a professional.

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