Property tax: are you paying more than the average French person?

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Property taxes increased in many municipalities last year. But was the increase you saw in your city higher or lower than the national average? Find out here.

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A real tax blow. Last year, the amount of real estate tax for housing increased by 10.8% on average. These conclusions were reached by the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP) in a report published in May 2024. To this end, the administration identified all owners, natural persons and professionals subject to this tax in 2023. And she drew some interesting conclusions.

First, homeowners and condo owners have not seen reviews increase at the same rate. According to the DGFiP, property taxes increased by an average of 9.6% for house owners, and by 12.5% ​​for flats. But to say that homeowners can get away with it would be a misguided shorthand.

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1,019 euros on average for houses, 811 for apartments

Let us remind you that due to the application of different coefficients (maintenance and location), property taxes tend to be higher for houses than for apartments. According to DGFiP, homeowners had to pay 1,019 euros in 2023 (including additional taxes*) on average compared to 811 euros for apartment owners. Also note that 10% of owners own at least three houses. For the latter, the total amount of their tax assessment is 3,889 euros on average. The 20% of owners with two homes paid an average bill of €1,264 compared to €679 for “single owners”.

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Finally, be aware that property tax rates can vary greatly depending on the area. In metropolises, where housing prices are often higher than in the countryside, taxes will naturally be higher. Thus, according to the DGFiP statement, the highest average amounts per house are found in Île-de-France, the South-Eastern Quarter and Martinique. In Val-d’Oise, Essonne, Yvelines and Val-de-Marne, owners pay an average of more than €1,200 in taxes per accommodation. On the other hand, in Indre, Vendée, Creuse or Haute-Saône we find the lowest tax assessments in France, on average lower than 630 euros per house.

* Other taxes include, for example, the tax for household waste collection, which you can find in the tax assessment.

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