Real estate: barter goods are attracting more and more owners

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Bartering goods attracts more and more individuals in France. It simply enables the exchange of two houses between the owners, only by presenting a notary record. Platforms even specialize in real estate exchange operations.

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– Buying a property in exchange for a new one is a new trend in France.

Bartering is popular. Buy in exchange Your property for a new one, that’s the new trend in France. Proposals of this type are flourishing Real estate ads, reports France 2, June 14, 2024. In Boulogne-Billancourt, the couple recently bought an 80 square meter apartment. For moving, they didn’t have to travel far. They actually lived in an apartment above their new home. It was 120 square meters. “We needed a smaller apartment because the children have left and retirement is approaching”excuses the owner in the company of her husband.

Their old apartment was therefore returned to the former owner of their new accommodation. The other one needed more space. Therefore, the exchange eluded them. In order to get a bigger apartment, he had to pay the difference in value between two apartments. It only allowed to needa single notarial entry, instead of two. Another advantage, and not the least, is to avoid having to resort bridging loans. It consists in borrowing the amount necessary to buy a new property and waiting for the return of the amount from the sale of your old house.

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Several hundred exchanges per year

Another employee looking for an apartment registered on a rather special housing search platform because it specializes in real estate exchanges. PUSH platform works like a dating site. Gives room for heart . But be careful, if the exchange leaves little room for risk, you must remain cautious. He asked France 2Barbara Thomas-David, notary public, ensures that this is necessary “value both properties correctly”. Although this phenomenon is growing, it remains very marginal in France several hundred exchanges per year.

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