Real Estate: “Change what already exists to make it more desirable”

Are you wondering what separates a real estate developer from a promoter? ” We don’t just build; we shape the future of cities by responding to the specific needs of the territory. We like to say we are a real estate developer because we do a little more than just promotion.”explains Laurent Mourey, General Manager of Linkcity, in this new episode My real estate podcast.

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At the microphone, Ariane Artinian, CEO of the Bouygues Construction subsidiary, presents Neoz, a concept of ready-to-live-in family rental housing with services for residents (dining room or shared room for guests, coworking, etc.) . “Real estate will become more and more service-based.” The city of tomorrow? ” Transform it already there to make it more desirable and nicer for those who will live there“. The whole program.

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