Real estate: Coliving, a new solution in the city center

Maxime Sauvanet, Investment Director of Buildr Investment Group, a subsidiary of M-Capital, is the guest of this new episode of Mon Podcast Immo. In an interview with Ariane, Artinian discusses the increased segmentation of the coliving market. ” Today, cohabitation is no longer limited to simple shared accommodation between students or young professionals. Today, it also targets the elderly and responds to specific needs, such as supportive accommodation for political refugees or single-parent families.“, explains Maxime Sauvanet.

Buildr Investment Group stands out for its innovative approach to property regeneration, which prioritizes breathing new life into existing buildings over building new ones. “We like this idea of ​​giving a second life to outdated assets in the city center, improving them from an energy point of view and giving them a new function.” explains its investment director. This strategy makes it possible to significantly reduce the carbon footprint while revitalizing city centers by converting underutilized buildings into residential and dynamic residences.

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How much does coliving cost?

For young workers in Île-de-France, prices range between 800 and 1,000 euros, including services. Seniors, on the other hand, can expect prices of around 2,500 euros, including accommodation, cleaning and carers. “Coliving offers good value for money thanks to the many included services”, explains Maxime Sauvanet.

In terms of development, Buildr Investment Group is experiencing strong acceleration. “Today, we have about twenty active people in active young breeding, with a strong acceleration in recent months. It is estimated that there is a shortage of 250,000 student accommodation facilities in France,” explains Maxime Sauvanet.

To continue this growth, Buildr Investment Group is actively looking for new assets to rehabilitate, particularly in Paris, Île-de-France and major French capitals. Notice for Sellers, Owners or Real Estate Professionals.

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