Real estate: Dismantling life and keeping seniors at home

Florence Roche is the guest on this new episode of Mon Podcast Immo. At the microphone, Ariane Artinian, director of real estate management at Turgot Asset Management, manager of SCI Via Génération, presents the benefits of the life division: supporting seniors and offering investors an attractive route to the real estate market.

“Created in 2017, SCI Viagénération was a pioneer in the life division. Our main partners are large insurance companies, and our goal is to increase the purchasing power of seniors while enabling them to stay at home.” explains Florence Roche.

What is life breaking?

But what exactly is the dismemberment of life? “We buy freehold properties from seniors over 60, allowing them to retain the usufruct and stay in their home for life. This is done without an annuity and offers the senior citizen immediate financial freedom thanks to the 100% package. explains the manager of Viagenerations.

In addition to a social profession, this model is understood as an investment. SCI ViaGénérations is a life fund that is distributed exclusively in the form of units of account (UC) in life insurance contracts, capitalization and retirement savings plans.

The fund reached close to one billion euros in assets, with an annual performance above 5%. “This proves the resilience and appeal of our model, even in times of crisis,” says Florence Roche.

But how do these investments behave in a volatile market? “Historically, our assets, primarily located in Paris and the PACA region, sell above our valuations, which supports our investment strategy”.

So who is this type of investment for? For investors who want to diversify their investments and at the same time have a positive social impact. Recommended investment period? 8 years. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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