Real Estate: How to sell quickly and at the right price

Quentin Saint Guilhem is the guest on this new episode of Mon Podcast Immo. On the mic, Squarimo co-founder Ariane Artinian explains how his interactive sales solution offers a breath of fresh air to real estate professionals (real estate agents, realtors, and even developers) and sellers in a slow-moving real estate market.

The real estate market is changing and owners often struggle to adapt in the face of falling prices. How to sell at the right price in a stagnant market? This is where interactive selling comes in. ” Interactive selling is selling where there is interaction between buyers, not just between buyer and seller. », specifies Quentin Saint-Guilhem

But how exactly does this interactive selling work? It’s all about transparency. ” Buyers can view all offers in real time and are notified as soon as a new offer is submitted », continues the CEO of Squarimo. This transparency is also beneficial for sellers, who can monitor the development of offers live. This is a real change from traditional practices where the real estate agent often plays the role of messenger.

Squarimo offers three types of sales: progressive, descending and free. A staggered sale starts at an attractive price, usually 10-15% below the realtor’s estimate, and gradually increases. ” It is a virtue tool that allows you to sell at market price rather than the inflated price that owners often charge. “.

Three types of interactive sales

A bearish sale, on the other hand, starts at a high price and declines until a buyer comes forward. It is particularly suitable for new programs that are just about to be delivered. Finally, an open sale is a call for bids where buyers can bid above or below the estimated price without binding the seller.

Squarimo focuses primarily on real estate agents and brokers. ” We already have more than a hundred partners», Quentin Saint Guilhem points out. The platform is also certified by the Federation of Digital Trusted Third Parties, ensuring a high level of security and GDPR compliance.

In a difficult market context, interactive sales appear to be an effective solution to speed up transactions and sell at the best price. ” We are a transaction accelerator, but also a truth teller for the market “, concludes Quentin Saint-Guilhem. Who says better?

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