Real estate loan: our advice on how to become an owner under the best conditions

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Home loan rates have started to fall and banks are back in the market to get customers. The capital provides you with all the keys to borrowing under the best conditions in its filing cabinet, and thus you become the owner at a lower price.

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“Real Estate Spring” has never lived up to its name so well. All credit institutions, especially taking advantage of the reduction in key rates from the European Central Bank, are returning to the real estate loan market. The big national banks – SG, Postal Bank – have reopened their floodgates for several months and are finally accepting customers they have neglected for months. The offer of loans is thus strengthened for natural persons.

And at the same time, households benefit from the drop in charged rates. From November 2023 to May 2024, the cost of credit decreased significantly, from an average of 4.21% to 3.73%. The largest reduction in rates, by almost 0.6 points, is shown by loans for 25 years, which allow the monthly repayments to be reduced as much as possible. But don’t think that the game is already won. The High Financial Stability Board (HCSF) still requires households to adhere to a maximum debt ceiling. It is impossible for a borrower to devote more than 35% of their pre-tax net income to paying the monthly loan payment.

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Reason why Capital wanted to highlight the various levers available to you to lower your loan rate. Have you considered a zero interest loan (PTZ) to cancel some of your interest or have you asked your bank if they have set up a first time buyer’s concessionary rate? Don’t forget that a diagnosis of the energy efficiency of your house or, in case of failure to fulfill the promise of carrying out renovation works, will allow you to obtain credit lines at a lower cost.

Also, take care to compile a specific file before negotiating your rate. So we’ve identified six boxes to check to attract your banker, most notably creating a personal contribution. Seniors and workers without a permanent contract, a category that makes access to real estate more difficult, will also find valuable advice on how to process their application. Good reading!

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