Real estate: Real estate leasing, anti-crisis solution for everyone

Charles Ruelle is the guest on this new episode of Mon Podcast Immo. At the microphone, Ariane Artinian, co-founder of Sésame, presents real estate leasing and its benefits for buyers, sellers and real estate professionals. ” Real estate leasing can be an opportunity for both sellers and buyers in temporary financial difficulties. “, explains.

Real estate leasing, a win-win solution

The principle is simple but effective: instead of leaving the property vacant, why not allow the buyer to move in immediately, pay monthly rent and take over the maintenance, and wait until he can buy it? ” It’s a win-win solution. The seller secures rental income and a pre-agreed sale price, while the buyer benefits from the time necessary to secure financing “, explains Charles Ruelle.

Real estate leasing is intended especially for individuals who have difficulty obtaining an immediate bank loan and know that their financial situation will improve. “ In general, the contract stipulates a maximum period of 24 months, which gives the buyer time to stabilize his financial situation “, explains Charles Ruelle.

Innovative solutions in times of crisis

With the real estate market tight and buyers often hampered by banking restrictions, leasing real estate is a godsend. ” This model makes it possible to refluidize a difficult market by less limiting potential buyers with rigid financing criteria. “.

The rent received during the lease term is not deducted from the sale price, but added up, thereby offering compensation to the seller for occupying his property. If all goes according to plan, at the end of the contract the buyer can become the owner with full rights.

Even for real estate professionals

This innovative model does not only attract individuals. Real estate agents, developers and even notaries are finding in real estate leasing a solution to strengthen their portfolios of pending real estate.

Whether you are an individual or a real estate professional, Sésame offers an alternative to bypass the barriers of the current market and facilitate transactions ” concludes Charles Ruelle.

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