Social housing: will tenants who are too “rich” finally be able to stay in their HLM?

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On May 3, the government presented a draft law, the main aim of which is to facilitate the eviction of the richest HLM tenants. Will this be challenged after the dissolution of the National Assembly?

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Will low income housing (HLM) tenants be spared in the end? Last month, Housing Minister Guillaume Kasbarian announced his intention to facilitate the eviction of the wealthiest households living in HLM. In this process, the government has taken action by introducing a development bill offer of affordable housing. In particular, this text envisages the automatic termination of the lease after two years for tenants who own real estate, enabling them to find accommodation outside the social housing fund. It also sees the tenancy end after two years for households whose income exceeds the resource cap by more than 20%, up from the current 50%. A measure that aggravated those involved in social housing, incl general director of the Social Union for Housing (USH), Marianne Louis. But political earthquake caused by the decision of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, to dissolve the National Assembly, could well change the situation and offer tenants some breathing room.

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Let’s start by looking back. The bill on the development of the supply of affordable housing, which contains well-known measures to facilitate the eviction of wealthy HLM tenants, was supposed to be the subject of an accelerated procedure, i.e. a single passage through both chambers, the so-called National Assembly and the Senate. The text was therefore accepted by the Economic Committee of the Senate and modified by amendments proposed by its rapporteurs Sophie Primas and Amel Gacquerre. It was primarily the senators who decided on it earn bonuses for sharing value (Macron bonus) calculation of household resources in order to avoid invoking a rent surplus for HLM park tenants. This bill should then continue its legislative journey and will pass a public hearing in the Senate on June 17.

A “frozen” banknote

Will this bill simply be abandoned after the dissolution of the National Assembly? Not necessarily, according to political scientist and essayist Benjamin Morel: “The bills that are currently on the table in the Senate are blocked, they are in the freezerexplains. However, they are not abandoned, they will be able to return to their legislative path after the parliamentary elections. In other words, the bill is suspended only until the new National Assembly is formed.

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But beware if presidential majority loses the parliamentary elections scheduled for June 30 and July 7, a new prime minister should arrive in Matignon. A scenario that would profoundly change the composition of the government. However, it is determined by the rules of procedure of the Senate “Bills submitted by the Government may be withdrawn by the Government at any stage of the procedure before their final adoption”. Thus, the next government could simply decide to bury the draft law regarding the development of affordable housing for good. In this case, the rules governing the conditions of access and exit from HLM housing would remain unchanged.

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