Solidarity finance – Finance for all

Solidarity finance brings together forms of savings aimed at financing activities that are not immediately profitable, but are socially useful.

We must not confuse solidarity financing, ethical finance, socially responsible investments, microcredit, even if these concepts overlap or have common points.

Ethical finance is a rather vague term, sometimes used in a narrow sense (these are exclusion funds that exclude certain industries or certain companies for ethical reasons – child labor or tobacco, etc.), sometimes in a broader sense (then it combines solidarity financial and exclusion funds).

Socially responsible investment (SRI) is a broader concept than solidarity financing, as it integrates social, ethical and environmental aspects. Finally, solidarity financing differs from microcredit both in its purpose (collective and not individual financing) and in its function (increasing the social capital of beneficiaries and not compensating for the shortcomings of the offer of the traditional banking system).

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