Telecom giant Deutsche Telekom launches cryptocurrency mining

The next step for Deutsche Telekom. The German telecommunications giant has confirmed that it is venturing into cryptocurrency mining after several more experiments around the blockchain. how it will look like?

Deutsche Telekom launches cryptocurrency mining

Deutsche Telekom is a leading European telecommunications company and has already experimented with blockchain. However, this latest initiative is significant: is venturing into cryptocurrency mining, probably Bitcoin. The news was announced by web3 company manager Dirk Röder as part of the BTC Prague conference, which took place last Friday.

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Dirk Röder remembered it Deutsche Telekom has been operating nodes for the Bitcoin network as well as the Lightning Network since 2023. But this latest initiative goes even further, if one of his witty comments is to be believed:

I am very proud to let you in on a little . Soon we will be “photosynthesizing digital currency”.»

Moderator’s question, Deutsche Telekom’s Web3 manager confirmed that it was indeed Bitcoin mining. We don’t know more about this topic at the moment, but it is a significant step forward. The company is in fact the largest telecommunications company in Europe: it is currently valued at $120 billion.

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Deutsche Telekom and cryptocurrencies

Deutsche Telekom has been multiplying blockchain initiatives for several years.. As early as 2020, one of its subsidiaries started operating a Chainlink node. The following year, the giant partnered with Celo Network to launch a euro stablecoin.

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Additionally, Deutsche Telekom Embarks on Large-Scale Blockchain in 2022: Ethereum (ETH). In partnership with StakeWise, it started providing infrastructure for liquid betting.

While no official statement has yet been made regarding this “photosynthesis”, it clearly shows the rise in power of the telecom giant, which seems to make Web3 a central pillar of its strategy.

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Source: Dirk Röder (BTC Prague)

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