The feng shui master gives his verdict on this luxury apartment

Riumin Wang, a Feng Shui master recognized in his country and the author of a work on the subject (in Chinese only), just arrived from Beijing, is hard at work in a luxury apartment in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Feng shui is this ancient Chinese practice (feng means “wind” and shui, “water”) aimed at balancing energies that guarantee health, well-being and even prosperity. It was Junot Fine Properties Knight Frank (an agency specializing in exceptional properties, often for a foreign clientele within the Junot network) that sent him there to inspect this 265m² property, which it recently offered for sale at a price. between 5 and 10 million euros. At these price points, every detail counts, and for some Asian buyers, ensuring good feng shui goes well beyond the details.

“It’s almost a religion for this clientele, points out Nathalie Liu, real estate consultant at Junot Fine Properties Knight Frank. If he has been applying his principles for a long time and believes that he owes his health and prosperity to it, it is important that the new acquisition of real estate is in accordance with the same principles. Many clients have properties they are interested in inspected by their own feng shui master, either on site or remotely via plans or even a video visit. But if they don’t have it, the agency can recommend them or offer them a service.

Entrance, important place

To explore the spaces in this opulent building from the 1920s, Master Wang has the “Pa Kua”, a feng shui compass to determine “good” and “bad” places, strong and weak sectors of housing. and assign their function according to the results. As with yin and yang, good and evil must co-exist, it is normal for housing to have some bad sectors. A tour of the premises begins with positioning yourself at the central point of the accommodation, so it is important to have a plan. “This favors living with a simple, rectangular or square shape”, recognizes Nathalie Liu. Armed with his Pa Kua, Master Wang begins by making sure the entrance is well placed. “It is an essential place in the apartment, explains. Here comes the vital energy, Qi. (pronounced tchi)in housing.” Good point: the entry to the northwest is perfectly verified by the compass.

The second element to check as a priority: the bedroom. “This is where we go to regenerate our Qi during the night. reminds Master Wang. This is necessary because if you can deprive yourself of food for 10 days, you cannot deprive yourself of sleep for more than 2 days. And for children full of vitality, who have to save energy for school, it is even more important.” This time, the specialist notes that of the 4 bedrooms in the apartment, 2 are not located in the best location, including the one presented as the master suite. He recommends reserving the best seats for the owners and children, if there are any, and using the other two bedrooms as a guest bedroom or study. “A very large bathroom in one of the poorly located rooms mitigates its negative effects”, emphasizes all equally. It’s good to know that to maximize the benefits of a well-located room, it’s better to keep it small. “Good sectors represent a specific place, specified by Riumin Wang, it is better to concentrate this energy. In addition, the Chinese emperor, despite all his power, was satisfied with a room of 12 m².

Happiness goes out the window

The last particular point of attention: the kitchen, “a place of strong energy, fire and food prepared here”, points out Master Wang. This time the placement is not optimal, but not really bad. The presence of water mitigates the shortcomings, he notes that the sink is in the right place and that adding a large vase filled with water to the center island gives a completely acceptable result. As for the opening of accommodation with balconies on the Champ de Mars, this is also positive. Which is not necessarily true for clean openings. “The Chinese don’t like apartments facing a perpendicular street, explains Nathalie Liu. They say happiness escapes out the window.” What about the mirrors that some install to adjust energies? “Not much changes, expert estimates I prefer to use water and possibly plants that can adjust the energy a bit.’ Overall verdict for this apartment: very good 80/100 according to Master Wang.

Will it be enough to sell this fully renovated apartment by today’s standards, even if we can fault it for a lack of personality and “showroom”? “A large part of our Asian clientele lives in hotel residences, so they tend to appreciate this style, explains Nathalie Liu. View of Eiffel Tower is a big, much appreciated plus. In terms of equipment, it is important for these buyers that the bathrooms are all equipped with toilets. They also appreciate the presence of reversible air conditioning and new parquet floors that do not crack. Some also prefer, like here, accommodation that has just been renovated without ever being occupied.’ If the apartment is clearly aimed at a foreign clientele, there is nothing to say that it will be exclusively Chinese.

Up to 3600 euros

Please note: Feng shui analysis is not limited to the apartment itself. The characteristics of the accommodation can be accentuated or muted depending on the astrological sign of the occupants. Furthermore, the location of the building in the city is also essential, knowing that these rules follow a complete cycle of 180 years, divided into 9 periods of 20 years each. In this case, this district on the left bank, where the apartment is located, “under the river, but not directly attached to it” according to Riumin Wang, it is particularly favorable from 2023 and until 2043. Otherwise, in terms of the price for this type of service, expect almost 1,200 euros for a detailed analysis of a 100 m² accommodation, a double for 200 m² and a triple for a private hotel. The guarantee of prosperity comes at a cost.

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