The French are still frugal, but reluctant to invest responsibly due to lack of information

“Whatever happens, whatever events happen on a national or international scale (pandemic, inflation, rising interest rates, pension reform, Russia-Ukraine conflicts, Israel-Hamas, etc.), the French continue to save in the same way while being” averse to risk”, analyzes Stellane Cohen, president of broker Altaprofits, at the conclusion of the 2024 savings survey in France and the regions, produced by Ifop. More ants than cicadas, the French have hardly changed their habits since the pandemic. If they have reduced the savings rate to 16.9% in 2023 compared to 20.4% at the peak of 2020, it still remains well above the average of the previous thirty years (around 13%). Investment product ownership rates and savings frequency have changed little since 2020.

On the other hand, the French diversify more! More than eight out of ten have a savings product (stable since 2020) and almost six out of ten even have several (+5 points compared to 2020). Above all, 94% of the French state that they save at regular intervals, most of them at least once every six months. Note that 35-year-old women do this the least often: 24% of them say they invest money less than once a year or never, compared to an average of 18% for the entire population… Facing the unexpected is, logically, the main reason for frugal behavior (75% ), followed by a desire to implement one or more projects and prepare for the future, especially retirement.

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