These small towns where seniors qualify for subsidized housing

Accommodation in assisted living facilities is generally in demand and as such is often small. Héraclide offers accommodation throughout France suitable for people aged between 40 and 50 m². Rent? Around 1000 euros (approximate range from 900 to 1150 euros). When we know that the average rent in a residence for the elderly is more like 1,500 euros for a smaller area, there are inevitably some differences between the two terms. “We offer a formulainclusive housing which is a real alternative to home, explains Jean-Luc Suarez, CEO of Héraclide. When you live in a senior residence and lose your autonomy, from a certain level (generally GIR 3 according to official terminology), we have to leave the campus. With us it’s different, it’s a real alternative accommodation where you can plan ahead and stay put.’

Another characteristic of the model is that it sees things small: it focuses on small towns (5,000 to 15,000 inhabitants), creates small residences (15 to 25 housing units in general, compared to almost a hundred for a senior residence) and offers services at least in the price of rent (furnished and secured accommodation) and a common room of approx. 50 m² to keep prices low. For example, there is no on-site catering, each tenant can organize their own food delivery.

Local clientele

“We really focus on local customers who live 10 or 15 kilometers from our residences, explains Jean-Luc Suarez. This solution allows them not to change anything in their sphere of life, they stay close to their loved ones, they can come with domestic help that they already had at home, without forgetting that welcoming their pets is always possible and free of charge.” The installation of these residencies is usually done with the close support of the communities, some may offer quite advanced medical services available in the residencies. In Olonzac, it is thus possible to use the services of chemotherapy or dialysis at home. But, of course, for the most serious pathologies, especially cognitive ones, there is not always an alternative to placement in nursing homes. Currently, the network has 6 residences open and 7 under construction, targeting approximately a dozen new addresses per year at full speed.

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