Vacation Rentals: This Summer’s Most In-Demand Wards and Where There’s Still Space

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Capital invites you to discover the departments where holiday accommodation bookings have increased the most compared to last year.

The French on vacation prefer the sea and the sun to the Olympics. According to a study released this Tuesday, June 18, by the PAP, households have made up their minds go on vacation later This year. The consequence: a decrease in holiday accommodation requests before and during the Olympics (on average -12% compared to summer 2023). But the most popular are the three weeks after the competitions, when the increase in bookings reached 32.6% year-on-year, for the period from August 12 to September 1.

We are witnessing a certain neglect of the first summer weeksnotes PAP. The celebration of the Olympic Games in France is tinged with disbelief for some vacationers. Many of them are afraid of high prices and too strong a tourist presence.» But the French are not going to give up the holiday just yet. We therefore invite you to discover the departments where the demand for holiday accommodation has increased the most since last year and where reservations are the lowest.

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Savoie three times cheaper than Haute-Corse

If the sea remains unmissableFor many French vacationers this year, destinations where the sun is are particularly popular. The previous months were punctuated by disturbances and temperature changes, so it was logical and predictable that households would choose regions where this risk is less, such as Haute-Corse (+19.8% of housing applications in one year), Ardèche (). +11.9%) or Vaucluse (+11.6%). A destination where prices remain high, with the average price per week ranging between €1,186 and €1,719 between July and August. Many French also choose the mountains, where prices are much lower than by the sea (on average 635 euros per week), which is why it is in the TOP 10 most wanted department for this summer.

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Conversely, destinations in the north of France are avoided by the French. Demand is particularly low in Brittany, where the weather has been particularly gloomy this spring. Morbihan (-17% of applications in one year), Ille-et-Vilaine (-15.7%) and Côtes d’Armor (-13.2%) recorded the most sharp drop in bookings compared to the summer of 2023. These three destinations nevertheless remain relatively affordable, with average weekly rental prices ranging between €941 and €752. This is about half as much as on the Côte d’Azur.

A study published by the PAP also reveals that more and more French people are choosing economic possibilities go on vacation, proof that the issue of purchasing power has an effect on vacations as well. Off-season bookings, where rental prices are lower than in summer, were up 18% from last year. Mobile homes are also particularly sought after, allowing families to enjoy outdoor space at a much lower cost than houses (+7.9% of requests in one year).

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