We will have to build in this small town before we can build its big cousin

Aubervilliers in Seine-Saint-Denis (93) and Saint-Dizier in Haute-Marne (52) have formed a partnership to force developers targeting the first municipality to also build housing in the second, they announced on Friday.

The idea is to combine two sites: one in Aubervilliers, a town of 90,000 whose proximity to Paris is a strong draw for developers, and the other in Saint-Dizier, a sub-prefecture of the rural department. The first is to accommodate 88 new housing units in the “Cœur de Fort” district and the second, 50 in the city center. In Saint-Dizier, the closure of two colleges effectively freed up 40,000 m² of land in the center, and the city has been trying to attract developers ever since. “We are the archetype of the hundreds of medium-sized cities that have been affected by deindustrialization», its mayor Quentin Brière (LR) explains to AFP.

An increase in solidarity

The partnership consists of launching a joint consultation with the proponents and forcing them to respond in two parts. The selected developer will first have to submit a building permit in Saint-Dizier before they can build in Aubervilliers. In order to build in Aubervilliers, it will therefore be absolutely necessary to build in Saint-Dizier. “The operator will not lose money by going to Saint-Dizier. It’s just that the risk is higher, so we will reward that risk by giving him the right to build in Aubervilliers», emphasizes Mr. Brière, for whom Aubervilliers “he loses nothing in this approach, but is clearly committed to territorial solidarity“.

The deal, an initiative of Grand Paris Aménagement, a group of public developers in Île-de-France, aims to boost the construction of new housing in Saint-Dizier, a town of 23,000 that has suffered a double economic downturn. and demographic. Some medium-sized cities are attracting fewer and fewer developers amid low sales prices, uncertainty about the presence of buyers and a crisis in the construction market.

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