Why are wealthy neighborhoods often located to the west of cities?

It’s the rush to the West. At least for the better. But how to explain this trend? In Paris, residents of the southwest tend to be wealthy, while residents of the northeast are the most disadvantaged, INSEE explained in 2017.If the midwest doesn’t change, it’s because it’s largely made up of housing that belongs to their residents. Furthermore, little social housing has been built in these areas for reasons related to both the nature of the land and local development strategies.“. Neighborhoods located in neighborhoods that have implemented housing development programs, especially social housing, are experiencing transformations in their residents. At the northern tip of the 17th arrondissement, towards Batignolles, in the southwest of the 15th and east of the 13th, the arrival of more modest populations changes the socio-economic profile of the districts. In Lyon, the most exclusive areas are also located in the west of the city. According to the Inequality Observatory, the richest live in Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d’Or.

The wind blows away the smells in the east

A meteorological factor also comes into play: the wind, which blows from west to east, therefore drives the odors eastward. The wealthiest originally lived in the West, moving away from the plague-smelling districts of factories, such as east of the Paris basin. The neighborhood sheltered from the wind is therefore privileged and has remained so, increasing prices, as the Ca m’intereste newspaper points out. We cannot say that the wind will blow wealthy households east.

In Marseille, the divide is between north and south rather than east and west. “After the Second World War, the inhabitants of the city center had to be relocated to the north of Marseille. With them thousands of immigrants who came to restore France. But the authorities were quickly overwhelmed. Slums are permanently established in the countryside. At the same time, in public housing projects, the integration of the foreign population was sometimes very difficult.», According to INA. She was overwhelmed that the government wanted to build thousands of houses quickly. In the north of Marseille, we therefore find most of the inhabitants among the most modest, with a median income among the lowest 20%, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, Insee. In the south of the city, on the other hand, we notice richer neighborhoods.

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